Homeowners are not found much interested in reading the appliance warranty manuals they are handed at the time of purchase and installation. The result is a rejection of a big number of warranty claims and on the other hand, a lot of expenses on the part of the homeowner when the warranty is not claimed and the entire expense comes on the side of the homeowner. These irritating experiences can be reduced only by increasing the awareness and upgrading homeowner's knowledge about the HVAC warranties, what they cover and what they don't, who to claim them to and how to do.
This blog today is covering the coverage part; what is covered under HVAC manufacturer's warranty and what is not covered. Let's begin.

Please note that all HVAC warranties are "Limited Warranties" which means a warranty should not be expected to cover every kind of damage that will occur to the appliance.

What does the warranty cover?

Parts that are not up to the mark

Sometimes in bulk manufacturing, damaged parts are made part of the appliance which halt the appliance performance. The HVAC manufacturer warranty covers all such bad parts whichever they are and replace the parts or the entire unit depending on the situation.

Issues in the assembly line

If the technician makes mistakes during assembling of the appliance parts, the warranty covers this kind of damage as well. The unit in this case is usually replaced with a new one.

What is not covered under HVAC warranty

- Whatever comes other than bad parts and improper assembly is excluded from the Manufacturer warranty. This include bad/unprofessional installation, no or insufficient maintenance and accidents like storms, fire hazards, vandalism and others.

- Faulty or improper fuel change from propane to gas or vice versa also results in failure. And when this happens, it a big no no.

- The claimed warranty is also rejected if the homeowners fails to show the documents of a professional installation.

- When the installed appliance is moved to another location; in case of changing homes, the appliance is no more covered.

- The warranty does not cover a unit whose parts have been self replaced by non branded parts

- Using unmatched equipment also results in voiding the warranty and the unit no more remains covered. Every unit has its own specifications and needs to be matched with the appliances they are supposed to work with. A 2-ton Air Conditioner with a 4-ton Air Handler will not make the right combination, will affect performance and may as well result in some damages.

- If the problem is due to bad installation and the parts are needed to be shipped to the installer, the warranty will not cover shipping cost as well.

- Last but not the least; please note that any kind of appliance parts that are bought online and replaced for the damaged appliance parts, void the warranty and such appliance does not remain covered anymore.

Did you know what is covered under warranty and what is not under HVAC warranties?
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