Troubleshooting Humidifier, Air Ventilator and Air Cleaner

You'll come across such circumstances when doing a DIY troubleshooting is the only choice. Imagine yourself on a hot Summer afternoon and your Air Cleaner stops working while you're an asthma patient too. Now that you rush to call an HVAC professional, you realise that no tech can be available for at least two days since Summer days are the busiest days of the year. Now, where do you end up? In regret that you should've learned some troubleshooting tips for your appliance. But hey man! It's not too late. Neither it is the hot Summer afternoon yet nor you're suffering from asthma (and may you never). Before any such need arises, it is the best time to learn to help yourself before a helper comes. So brace yourself, we're about to teach you some Humidifier and Air Cleaner and Air Ventilator troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting Humidifier, Air Ventilator and Air Cleaner  

Air Cleaner Troubleshooting

Ever opened an Air Cleaner and examined it? Air Cleaners use several filters that trap the pollutants that include dust, pet dander, allergens and other contaminants. Not a single but several layers are responsible for all types of pollutant trapping. If a reduced air flow is suspected, there are possibilities that the flow has been restricted by the pollutants. Unplug all electrical supplies and check the filters. If they're dirty, replace them or rinse them with water. Be cautious to let the filters dry before placing them back.
If the system stops altogether, check the electrical supplies that may have got disconnected.

Humidifier Troubleshooting

In case it is not a hot Summer day and in fact, a chilly Winter night when one of your most important comfort appliances starts to feel sick; the Humidifier, here’s what to do. Before you could call a professional, call out the professional from your inside. Oh, yes! You can do it!
There are some common reasons due to which the Humidifier stops working:

One of the major Humidifier issues is when there's no water reaching the Humidifier. This could be due to two reasons. Either the solenoid is not getting enough power and has stopped working or in case water is not leaving the drain hose, it could be due to the blue orifice, in-line strainer or drain hose itself. Clear the lines for proper drainage and check the control board to fix electrical issues.
If the fan has stopped spinning which is also one of the most common problems, check the control board right away. Bad control boards often disrupt electricity. If the motor itself has burned, you'll have to wait for a professional to come.  

Air Ventilator Troubleshooting

The reason that you're able to breathe fresh and cool air even when you're living in a close and conducted house is that you've an Air Ventilator installed. Thanks a trillion to God for enabling us to enjoy the fruits of such technological advancements. But what to do when these comforting appliances need some comfort of repair? Rush to repair, what else!

One of the major problems that homeowners face regarding the Air Ventilator is the reduced air flow. To fix this, check the Filters. Just like the dirty filters of an Air Cleaner reduce its efficiency, the dirty filters of Air Ventilator do the same. If the system is still not allowing proper air flow, check the exhaust and return vents for any blockage.

When to call a professional?

We do encourage you doing small repairs, didn't we just helped you learn some tactics? But there's one thing we don't encourage and that is; you continuing to screw your appliances even when they're beyond your ability to fix. For such cases, you need a professional anyway. So once you're done checking what you can and the problem still persists, call a professional.