Hello, Hello! Your AC is showing these repair signs, don't ignore them!

After a freezing Winter in Toronto, it's nothing less than an ecstasy to have the first Spring Sun shining with vigour. As the spring begins, the time of Spring sales also begin and people start to purchase home cooling appliances to counter the upcoming hot Summer days. After a long pause, when the cooling appliances are turned on, they often show cranky signs. In other cases, they start normally but begin to show wired signs right when in extensive use. The problem is, the repair signs won't continue to show for long. If not fixed in time, a sudden breakdown is possible. Here are some repair signs that need prompt attention.

Air Conditioner Repair

Cranky Noises - Knock knock something's wrong

The simplest of all! Air Conditioners don't make noises as long as they feel okay. When they don't, they'll let you know by making awkward sounds. In the case of Ductless Air Conditioners, there's a sound that the indoor unit, as well as the outdoor unit make while they work. But that is just a normal sound. Most Air Conditioner manufacturers these days are manufacturing AC's with an extremely quiet operation already so most GTA homeowners now enjoy noiseless AC's. But even if it is an old Air Conditioner that you're using and it's indoor or outdoor unit starts to be cranky, it's the time to get alerted. The unusual noises that come from the Air Conditioner require prompt action. The first thing homeowners can do is to wash the filters if the noise is coming from the indoor unit because mostly, the dirty filters are the cause of those weird sounds. The same goes for the outdoor unit. Dirt and debris cover the condensing unit, hindering its proper efficiency. Give condenser a wash from outside to remove the dirt. If the problem persists, call a professional ASAP and do not try more DIY's.

Freezing Condenser

Although HVAC professionals say it is normal to have a little icy outdoor unit/condenser in Winters that gets build up due to temperature effects, it is certainly not normal in Summers. If you observe a buildup of ice on the outdoor unit, it is once again the time to call your trusted HVAC professional and ask him why is your AC pretending to be in Siberia when it is not.

Dripping Water from inside unit

Another repair need! Ever felt like it has started raining when you're sitting inside your cosy bedroom? It's the AC up there. One of the problems that show your AC needs a repair is the dripping of water from the AC unit as it is turned ON and the dripping continues as long as the AC is ON. You sure want your AC to give you some cool air and not a bath. Get your AC repaired before it brings in a flood.

Insufficient cooling

The temperature has been set the same as it was in the last Summer but the AC no more cools the room as it used to, why is that? One reason could be the weather. If this Summer, it's hotter than it was, there are chances that your unit will take time to treat the indoor air. But in case, it is not the matter of hot temperature and the AC still fails to cool even after taking long or trips unnecessarily, it means it needs to be seen by an expert. Call one!

When it gets smelly

Ducts are a supplementary part of Central Air Conditioners. Sometimes, the problem is not with the indoor or the outdoor unit. It is rather with the duct system. Duct leaks can waste a lot of coolness, consequently less cool air reaches the home and the Air Conditioner needs to be kept ON more than required. Dirty Ducts also consummate more energy and give birth to foul bacteria like moulds. When there's insufficient cooling received or a foul smell is felt in the home, let your Air Conditioner duct get a cleanup.

Bottom Line
As soon as any of the above-mentioned problems are suspected, mark your calendars for a repair need and get the problem fixed as early as possible. This will help save in long run, will add to the efficiency as well as the life of the Air Conditioner.
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