Does your Air Flow suddenly become weaker? Try these solutions

There are several HVAC problems that homeowners face on regular basis. A majority of those HVAC problems are caused by small mistakes and mishandlings that can easily be fixed doing a DIY, however, homeowners, due to lack of HVAC knowledge prefer to rely on professional technicians. Our aim is to spread maximum HVAC awareness among homeowners so that they can fix their common HVAC problems by themselves and save money that would otherwise be spent on diagnosis and repairs. Who knows not that things like diagnosis and repair cost nowhere less than a $100. So let us today explore the problem of sudden decrease in Airflow, its causes and how can this problem be resolved doing a DIY.    


Reason#1: Clogged Air Filter

Grab a cushion. Place it over your mouth and try to breathe. Does it take an effort to breathe in? Yes! Because the Airflow has been restricted. The same happens with your system when it has dirty and clogged Filters. The duct fails to inhale air from the rooms and therefore fail to properly treat it and provide a fair flow. This is one of the reasons why a sudden decline in the Airflow is felt by the homeowners. Moreover, when the Airflow is restricted, the refrigerant lines freeze up leading to even more restricted airflow. Clogged filters held responsible!

What to do?

You know well what to do, don't you? In order to enjoy optimal Air Conditioner efficiency, clean the Filters regularly. If it is too dirty or damaged, replace it with a new Filter. A simple duct filter costs hardly a few dollars.

Reason#2: Leaks in ductwork

There are several homeowners that complaint about a dusty home. We ask them to have an inspection of their ductwork after initially asking some general questions. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that even a small leak in their ductwork can fill their home with heaps of dust in a few days and all that vacuuming and dusting will be of no use unless the leaks are fixed. Just like a leaking duct leads to a dusty home, a leaking ductwork also leads to a weaker airflow and you can guess why. A lot of energy gets wasted through the leaks and all you get at the end is what is left by the leaks. Out of mercy!

What to do?

Finding duct leaks isn't very difficult. You can feel air coming out easily as you carefully inspect the duct. Once the leak is found, try to fix it by patching a piece of HVAC tape over it and making sure no air is leaking any further. However, if the leaks are serious and you think you'd end up damaging the system, try calling your local HVAC service provider for help.   

Reason#3: Dirty AC blower

Your AC blower is responsible for blowing air towards your home and is located within the handler. But a lot of times, it is the same AC blower which is found responsible for restricting the airflow. And that happens when the blower fan is accumulated with dust and debris and thus fails to work as efficiently as it can. A low-quality fan motor can be the reason as well but mostly, it is the dirty blower. So what do you need to do with all dirty things, guys? Clean them yaaa!

What to do?

You already guessed it but how?
- Turn all AC power supplies off. Be careful to not allow any type of power through the lines as you're about to work with the handler
- Go to your handler and locate the fan motor inside the handler. You'll see it accumulated with dust and clogs.
- Use any soft brush, a toothbrush, a blusher brush or whatever brush that is available and is soft would be okay. (Makeup brushes are usually very soft dude! Just a tip)
- Clean the blower slowly. Be cautious to not damage the fins. In case you use soapy dilute mixtures for cleaning, let all parts dry before turning the power supply back on.
Done you are! The airflow is back to normal. Yeah!

Well, if you’re still sad because your problem didn’t get fixed, you should try connecting with a professional. There must be a serious problem that requires a professional to handle it.