Important HVAC Questionnaire for Fall

Hey there! How's fall going? Hope you are enjoying this wonderful season and the soothing rustling sounds of the leaves. And we also hope, being HVAC professionals that you are keeping care of your home according to the Fall requirements. Fall is considered the best time to make your home heating system ready for the Winter and it is for this reason that we recommend homeowners to not take the fall for granted and make the best use of this limited time to make all the necessary preparations for a perfectly warm home in Winters. Here are a few important questions that we want you to ask yourself.


Does your home need to have Insulation?
If your home was already insulated and you never thought of renewing it, it must be too old by now. And an old insulated home can cause discomfort, particularly in Winters. Since HVAC technicians are hardly available in the peak seasons, we recommend renewal of insulation right in this time of Fall. Not only would the Insulation professionals will easily be available, they will also perform the task efficiently without haste if you hire them now.

Have you checked your Airways?
Just like the thought of Insulation renewal hardly comes in the minds of homeowners, the thought of clearing the airways is also among the most ignored ones. Blocked airways in any form are a threat for your entire HVAC system. Not only will they bar the proper supply of warm air, they will also burden the system and would also probably result in Furnace motor failure. So make sure your airways are all clear. In case they're being blocked with furniture, carpets etc, unblock all such hindrances and perform a brief cleaning of the airways.

Is your ductwork in need of cleaning?
There's a myth that duct cleaning isn't crucial to better home comfort and improved indoor air. The truth, however, is, cleaner ducts make a smooth passage for the supply and return air while dirtier ducts not only hinder the passage, they also contaminate the air. If the Filters are not of good quality, the dust and debris don't get trapped and thus keep on circulating in the home. If you wish to enjoy warm air without having to feel a stale feeling along, check your ductwork and in case it's dirty, make sure you perform a cleaning session or call a pro to do so before the Winter begins.

What was the last time you had your system inspected by a pro?
Seems like it's been quite a time since you last had a professional inspection of your system. Did you know that costly repairs can be avoided just by having a professional diagnosis in time? If it has been long since you had your system professionally inspected, it is the time you should think of having a proper inspection. There are numerous benefits that the professional inspection and diagnosis offer. The system, if it is creating prospects of repairs gets screwed in time, the issues already present are saved from getting worse, costly repairs and sudden breakdowns are avoided, the efficiency of the system is improved and much more.

Have you ticked all these to do's?
For an efficiently working heating system, here's what you need to do or call a professional to do for you:
- Cleaning the heating elements from inside and outside
- Cleaning/Replacing Filters
- Inspecting gas lines, electrical connections for damages
- Checking the leaking ducts
- Lubricating the moving parts of the heating appliances
- Measuring the airflow
- Inspecting the ignition and burner

You've still a lot of time left but we still recommend to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. This questionnaire was meant to inform as well as remind you of the HVAC needs your system and home in general is needing. Fulfil them in time and that will ensure comfortable Winters for you. :)