Get a complete Know-How about Red Tagged Furnace in Ontario

We will be discussing some basic facts of the red tags in Ontario to make you learn what they are and why they are issued and the process of red tag removal.

Introduction about Red Tag:

Red tags are most commonly known by the name of warning tag. It is an indication that the gas-powered appliance is in “unacceptable condition” and the person who is accountable for that appliance should take some action to fix the conditions.
As far as the seriousness of the problem is concerned, the technician would be required by law to shut off the supply of gas of the appliance. It is not just the furnaces that can be red tagged, in fact, warning tag can often be given to the water heaters or the gas dryer units or gas boilers

Why your furnace gets Red-Tagged?

If your furnace or the water heater is getting red tagged; it might be possible that it has been damaged or it has been deteriorated in a way that impairs the safe operation. Moreover, there could be some sort of issue within the condition of the piping or even the hoses and tubing too. What happens next contingent upon the type of red tag you have received? Since the common reg tags are: Immediate Red Tag (Category “A”) where a technician immediately cuts off the supply of gas to the furnace. Another type of red tagging is 30-Day Red Tag Warning ( category B ), where you are required to fix the system within 30 days. In the view of furnaces, the condition of a cracked form of the heat exchanger is one of the most common reasons for the red tagging. The heat exchanger has a set of coils repeatedly looped through the air flow in a heating system. Simply stated, the heat exchanger is the important component of the furnace, responsible to heat the air.

Overview plus detail about Red Tag Removal:

Now, we are sure that you would be much interested in learning about different methods for red tag removal. There are different processes you can follow to avoid red tags that end in the hefty repair bills. - You need to get your appliance completely inspected. You should be asking the technician to completely inspect with all sorts of faults that are being identified in the red tag. You should hire an experienced and certified gas technician who will inspect the appliance and make repairs if needed. - You can also send the clearance portion of the red tag to some well-known gas company. Make sure that the gas company has received the red tag set of clearance before the deadline. The tech will simply fill out clearance and simply re-activate the appliance.
Please note that if licensed, certified gas technicians as they find any appliance in “unacceptable condition,” are required by law to give it a red tag. There is no space to put yourself in the argument.