The primary reason why home comfort heating and cooling systems like Furnace, Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps breakdown before time is the lack of maintenance. Apart from the annual professional maintenance & tune-up which is crucial for the system, there are tasks that are supposed to be performed by the homeowners on a routine basis. This includes changing filters at least every three months and in peak seasons or in case of unusual scenarios of indoor pollution, every month.

In addition to changing the filter, slightly brushing off the indoor and outdoor unit of dust also help with good maintenance and ensures that dust & debris does not accumulate on the units.

Moreover, checking out for battery failures in the CO detector, the Thermostat must as well be added to the checklist. In the case of a Humidifier installed, giving it a thorough cleaning according to the manual is also necessary in order to ensure optimal performance from the system.

Below we discuss what difference routine maintenance has on the lifetime and efficiency of the system

Maintenance improves lifespan

No wonder you hear the new unit breakdown stories too often. There are these legends whose brand new HAVC system starts to cause serious troubles within the first few months of installation. With such a beginning, what must be the lifespan of the system? In general, unmaintained appliances fail to cover their lifespan and have to be replaced earlier. So the first and foremost disadvantage of no maintenance is a shorter lifespan.

Routine care - fewer Repairs

So the homeowner next door calls a repair tech every other month? And you can guess why. Because you've never really observed him taking care of their system. Routine maintenance ensures that you don't have to call the repair techs. People who completely follow professional guidelines when it comes to routine maintenance sometimes have their units work longer than usual and that too without any serious repairs.

Controlled energy bills

An appliance may be a one-time investment but the bills that it causes are not. To keep the HVAC appliances as cost-effective as possible, maintenance has its role to play. Unmaintained appliances have to work harder due to dust and debris accumulated on them, and the unlubricated parts that they have to work with. As a result, they run longer and harder which causes a hike in energy bills.

Resale Value

You could be thinking of selling your unit only after a few years of purchase. And guess what? No or insufficient maintenance suggests that you will have a very hard time selling the unit at least at a good price. Contrarily, properly maintained units get sold even after several years of usage.

This year, get over the laziness towards maintaining your HVAC appliances and save the unnecessary repairs that your system doesn't need.

Do you follow the habit of regular maintenance? If yes, how has it helped you over the years? If not, what loss has this caused you?

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