When it is overly cold and the Furnace fails to suffice or fails, space heaters are a great deal of help. Also, home where the central heating system is not installed, space heaters offer the prime comfort. There are several edges that space heaters have compared with other heating solutions, among which mobility is one while energy efficiency and cost efficiency are others. With easy usage and numerous benefits, there are some precautionary measures that need to be taken, every time a space heater is used. One of the most severe fire accidents and unhappy accidents are caused by them. Below we discuss how a common homeowner can ensure the safest possible use of space heater to make the most out of it.

Space/Portable Heaters Safety Measures

- Ideal Surface placement Tips

- When it comes to placement, it is highly recommended that a space heater is placed on a leveled and hard surface. No clothing material should be below it or near it. Concrete, tile or hard floor are ideal placements. Near carpet, on the sofa arm, near the closet or close to a hanging bedsheet are the wrong and risky placements. 

- Also, placements on heights should be avoided, as in the case of placement on tables or fireplace slab, etc. The heater can fall and may cause injuries or cause a fire.

- The distance of the space heater must be 3 feet from anything that is combustible.

- Precautions related to wires and extensions

- Most often, homeowners have a habit of pulling the wire from far away distance when they ought to unplug. The correct way is to pull the plug not the wire. Pulling the wire distorts the wire and this may lead to short-circuiting, sparks or wire burns.

- It is highly recommended by professionals to not use extension cords when using space heaters. They overheat and always maintain tripping risk.

- Stricly avoid the continuous use of frayed cords. Equally, avoid the practice of covering the frayed wire with electrical tape as this does not resolve the problem. Fires can't be stopped by covering the damaged wires with tapes.

- Cares when there are kids at home

- If you've kids at home, don't leave the two; heater and kids together in a room.

- Avoid the use of space heaters if there are crawling or walking kids at home.

- If space heaters are the only option you can afford, establish at least two layers of barriers in front of the space heater

Safety Tips for "Flammable" surroundings

- Avoid using space heaters in those surroundings where there are flammable materials stores; in garages, in the store/junk rooms, etc.

- For under desk use, be careful when choosing an under desk heater. Using a large-sized heater as an under-desk heater raises the possibilities of burns.

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