Here's why your Furnace is not working

Don't panic if this winter your Furnace stops working and that too on an extremely cold night. There are some common causes behind a Furnace suddenly shutting off and by exploring the causes, you can provide yourself with a quick self-help.

Did you change the filter? 

Place your hand on your mouth and try to breathe. How does it feel like? Suffocating, yes? This is the same that the HVAC system feels when it has to push and pull air through dirty filters. While clogged filters affect the airflow, they also do one more thing and that is; the burden the fan motor as it has to push harder to let the air pass through the filters. So if your system suddenly shuts off, it is probable that the filters are dirty and the system has just said no to cooperate any further. Thoroughly clean the filters and try to give a kick-start to the system. Hopefully, this would work.

It could be the naughty Thermostat 

If you've been too lazy to change the Thermostat batteries or are too bad at setting the Thermostat with the right settings, then better give a quick check to the Thermostat as well. Reset the Thermostat and make sure the fan is on ''Auto'' and try to recall what was the last time you changed the batteries. When grandma was alive? It's been long, change the batteries now.

Too small a size to warm 

In order to efficiently warm a space, the right size of Furnace is a key requirement. A Furnace too small in size will have to work constantly in order to keep the place warm. The continuous operation will result in wear and tear and in some cases, a sudden breakdown.

Have you been regular with maintenance? 

If you have not been performing regular maintenance and more importantly, if you had not provided your Furnace with a seasonal tune-up, then don't be shocked by a sudden breakdown. The dirt, the clogs and the component problems will all combine to stop the Furnace system from operation.

What to do to avoid a Furnace breakdown in Winter? 

It is not easy to bear the cold winter of Canada. And with no heating element, it becomes even harder. So in order to avoid such a situation where you'd be shivering with cold, consider the following;
- Always get your Furnace professionally tuned-up before winter. This will help fix any possible issues
- Change your filters not only before the season but also during the season as frequently as is required. The suggested 3-6 month period may not be suitable for you if you have indoor activities that cause more dirt
- If your system is already over 15 years of age and needs to be repaired frequently, then better replace in time
- Last but not least, choose the right size and consult a professional before purchasing a unit. Also, avoid DIY or unprofessional installation because faulty installation leaves lasting impacts on appliance efficiency.

How old is your Furnace? Did you find this blog useful?