Noritz Tankless Water Heaters - What so special?

If you aren't a Noritzian yet, you will become by the end of this write-up. Before we begin to talk about why you should think of becoming a Noritzian this Winter, let us introduce you to the company first. Noritz is a leading HVAC company founded in 1951 with its focus on manufacturing Tankless Water Heaters. A time when everybody had conventional Tank Water Heaters, it was Noritz that had, for the first time introduced Electric Tankless Water Heater units in the market. Noritz started with Tankless as its primary product and it is still sticking to the same; Tankless Water Heater and their spare parts. The well-esteemed HVAC company has recently launched some advanced models of Water Heaters that are breaking the grounds and are becoming popular rapidly. Talking generally about Noritz Water Heaters, there are so many reasons to become a Noritzian. Here are a few;


- Versatility & range

When it comes to Tankless Water Heaters, you won't find as versatile and as wide range anywhere else as you'd find at Noritz. From different sizes to different colours to different efficiencies and different features, Noritz has a number of series to offer including ecoTHOUGH, proTHOUGH, Value Solutions and others.

- Comfort + Convenience = Noritz

Who has time to wait for the water to get hot in the conventional tank water heater? With Noritz, comfort is coming with convenience. Not only does Noritz provide ''always hot'' and that too in abundance, it also manufactures units that are space saving. You don't need an entire back kitchen area to install its Tankless Water Heaters, just a few feet space suffices.

- Noritz is durable and reliable

Noritz won't leave you somewhere in the middle of intensely cold weather on a chilly morning. It's equally durable and reliable. Unlike the conventional tank water heaters, Noritz units last double the age; up to 20 years. Your newborn will be graduating and you'll have the same water heater at home. Cool and economical!       

- The best warranties

On purchasing a new brand, you could be in a continuously worrying situation since you never know how long would it last and what if it fails? Noritz takes these worries far far away from you. With its ultimate belief in the quality of its appliances, Noritz offers 12 years (yes 12 YEARS) of warranty on heat exchanger, 5 years of warranty on parts and 1 whole year warranty on labour.

- Advanced features - better safety

Noritz Water Heaters are offering advanced features that no other Water Heater brand is offering. The safety features of Noritz models do not allow scalding water to reach your faucets. Moreover, since there's no storage mechanism, there are no possibilities of rust, sediments and scale presence in water.

-  Save heating cost - Save mommy Earth

Noritz believes in eco-friendly manufacturing. All of the Noritz models are extremely energy efficient that help saves up to 40% on energy bills while providing 30% greater efficiency than a 50-gallon conventional Water Heater. The eco-friendly mechanism saves Earth by not producing harmful by-products and the energy efficient mechanism saves you those dollars in your wallet.