Humidity is a foe to all! It causes extreme discomfort during the harsh summer of heat. Even worse, humidity in your place brings-in health hazards. The increased and unwanted moisture in the air leads to rot and mould on surfaces causing many health-related issues. Therefore, most of us would like to stay in an air-conditioned room.

Here is why everyone hates humidity in summer

- Hair and humidity can never get along - The clothes get stuck to your body the moment you step outside. - You feel like you need another one right after you get out of the shower. - Crowded subways and elevators. Hope you get the idea!

Can outdoor humidity be controlled?

There isn’t much you can do to avoid outdoor humidity. However, there are some steps you can pursue to maintain a good indoor humidity level (optimal level is between 45-60). This is the responsibility for homeowners and businesses alike to take some crucial steps to minimize summer humidity level in the indoor, so structural and furniture damages along with illness can be prevented to a significant extent.
  • Keep a close eye on humidity and temperature level in your home
  • Properly clean water leaks and sources of water standing in your place 
  • Check for the mouldy smell that is a precursor to fungus growth

How the humidity is removed from indoor?

  • One of the most popular methods to remove indoor humidity is air conditioning. When the air passes out of the coil, the air conditioner is functioned to pull out the unnecessary moisture in it.
  • The other common method is using a dehumidifier that either can be connected to ductwork or stands alone. 
  • HRV is another option to consider, as it is geared towards pushing moisture outside. It works fine with limited moisture. 
  • The most convenient way to keep humidity low is to keep your home surfaces dry. 
  • Certain areas of the home can cause stickiness and humidify your home. Basements, pipes, windows, and attic are the entryways for moisture. 

Damages from summer humidity:

Want to know what else humidity can do to ruin your day? Humidity can cause the following problems which you might not be aware of:

Humidity adversely impact the health

Humidity is a vital component of air quality. However, the presence of high vapour pressures is problematic for human health. In high humidity, people report the symptoms like: - Muscle cramps
- Nasal congestion
- Fatigue
- Headache
- Wheezing
You should never let humidity to linger – the high moisture leads towards the growth of contamination and mould that can cause severe health concerns.

Damaged furniture and d├ęcor:

High humidity can badly impact carpets and paintings and even upholstery can be damaged by the lingering moisture. Woodwork and mouldings are more likely to expand and become damaged in moisture

Damaged electronics:

The high amount of humidity can excel the conductivity of the insulators causing them to wear out prematurely. Moreover, the uncontrolled humidity also leads towards condensation which results in the short circuit of electronic equipment.

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