What is Humidity?
Humidity refers to the extent of water vapors in the atmosphere. Indoor humidity level should ideally remain between 30 to 50 percent. The humidity level can be measured with an equipment called hygrometer, found at most hardware stores while many humidifiers have them deep-seated. So what are humidifiers? Humidifiers are basically home comfort appliances that are used to create humidity by using the artificial method. They are really influential during the winter season, crucial during low atmospheric humidity levels and also when the air is dehydrated owing to heating systems.

Effects of low humidity level:
Low humidity level creates serious problems. It dries out and inflames the mucous membrane, enabling viruses to persist for long, exacerbating symptoms of eczema and also upsurges the liability to cold, flu and infections. The consequences may vary from people to people depending on their sensitivity level and may go worse for some people already fighting with breathing problems.


Combats dryness:
What a big irritation and embarrassment it creates to have dried skin and chapped lips. No creams, no moisturisers and not chapstick seems to work. For such seasons, humidifiers work better than any moisturiser or lotion. It maintains the required level of humidity thus getting rid of such problems.

Have asthma? Use humidifier!
Humidifier soothes parchedness, irritation in the nose, nasal passage, mouth and throat.
It is also a preferable home comfort appliance for those suffering from sinus or asthma.

Beats Viruses:
Humidifiers can be a good resistant for viruses, curbs and bacterias that thrive in the dry air consequently, improving the indoor air quality.  

Sing melodiously with Humidifiers
Here’s something you probably have never heard of before. Humidifiers can help you sing melodiously. How so? When there’s a proper level of humidity, the vocal cords get greased and thus produce better sound.

Reduces static electricity:
Do you observe the light trails every time you put off your blanket in Winter suddenly? That’s the static electricity. Static electricity is created due to dryness in the air. This dryness can be combated with humidifiers.

Preserves room exhibition:

We all want our walls to look as magnificent as possible. Whether you’ve painted walls or have beautiful wallpapers pasted, dryness in the air is bad for both. Wallpaper often start to peel off when there’s excessive dryness. Keep your rooms as decorated as possible using quality humidifiers.

Helps in plant growth:

If you’ve any experience of growing plants inside of the home, you must also have faced a failure in doing so. Plants often get dried when kept inside. One reason for that is the low humidity level. A fairly well-kept humidity level can not only improve the growth of plants but will also save them from drying out and dying out.

Creates Warmth:
The greater the humidity, the greater the warmth. Humidifiers help create warmth and thus also help save on energy bills. When there’s a sufficient warmth created, heating and cooling appliances do not have to function a lot.


Since this has been established that humidifiers help improve the indoor air quality, ease breathing and have several other benefits too, you might now think of installing a Humidifier at your home particularly if you’re willing to treat one of the above-mentioned problems. And we have a place to suggest where you can find top notch Humidifier Products; HERE

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