The appliance responsible for providing you with comfort in winter can turn out to be a source of great misery if precautions are not taken. As you already know, your Furnaces are gas or electricity powered and both these fuels need to be delt with carefully. There are some Furnace Safety Precautions that all homeowners should consider.

1. Importance of Vacuuming 

The Furnace remains unused for a significant period of time. This causes dust and lint layers to build up in and around it. If not cleaned regularly, these layers sometimes get hardened. One of the reasons behind Furnace catching fire is also dust. So in order to keep the comforting appliance a comforting appliance, vacuum in and around the Furnace roughly every month, even during the Summers. This will ensure that you don't have a lot of work to do when there's time to turn the Furnace on and you'd also be able to save yourself from safety risks.

2. Define Furnace rules for kids 

Most people have their Furnaces installed in the basement. But this is not true for all. Sometime, it is installed just closed to the living area and kids often play around the Furnace. While people have special precautionary measures when it comes to fireplaces and kids playing around but very few realize the hazard of kids playing around a Furnace. We highly endorse educating children regarding the consequences of playing around or messing with Furnace unit. Sometimes, kids throw their tiny toys in the Furnace and this can become a really alarming situation.
If you have toddlers and they can't be taught about the good and the bad while you also have a unit installed at a place they can easily reach, consider creating a barrier around the unit.

3. Ensure constant air flow 

Your Furnace needs fresh air to treat. If it doesn't get that, it will start consuming the oxygen in your indoor, lowering the oxygen level and creating a threatening situation. Also, the blockages in duct work, in supply or return vents create the same situation. Let fresh pack of air flowing. And clear any obstacles.

4. Alert! Keep flammable items far far away! 

Whether your unit is gas powered or electric powered, in both cases it has fire. So keep every item that may catch fire easily well away from the Furnace. Particularly items like flammable liquids, wood or paper, paints, household acids etc.

5. Test alarms 

Once the alarm has been installed and it works, not so many homeowners care about checking every season whether the batteries are fully functioning or not. Whether or not you've faced an emergency situation ever, it is recommended to change the batteries before the beginning of every winter.

And of course; goes without saying that an optimal performance should not be expected from a Furnace if it is not given the due maintenance and cleaning. Be very regular at least about cleaning the Filters since clogged filters will only result in breaking down the system during the time you most need it.

Your homework time begins. Before the first snow, make sure your Furnace is ready and you're all set to use it with the above mentioned precautionary measures.

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