The question which often haunts us as homeowners is whether we should buy a Furnace or rent it? People in Canada are more inclined towards renting a furnace. For the sake of consumer protection and removing all hassles regarding sales tactics, laws have been designed by the province of Ontario. The province of Alberta also passed legislation regarding this. Though you still need to be conscious before signing any agreement at the door, today's article demonstrates about two choices regarding your cooling and heating system; purchasing a Furnace or renting it.

Is renting a Furnace worth considering?

Renting a furnace seems modest at first glance - homeowners pay monthly payments which are quite feasible than the initial outlay. The cost has been a prime consideration for any family while making an investment for their homes. Presently, homeowners have found rentals a better alternative than purchasing it and paying all cost at one-go.

Here are a few things you should consider before making your mind for purchasing a furnace
ü  Rentals allow you to pay for the unit over an extended period or you won’t have to pay a hefty amount of your Furnace all at once.
ü  Canadian rental companies offer customers complimentary annual maintenance to keep their furnace working smoothly.
ü  You don’t pay extra for protection plans as it has already been included in the price of a rental. The rental companies come with full coverage protection– meaning you won't pay for furnace service and repairs. Moreover, in any event, a furnace break downs, the company shall replace the entire unit.

How to rent a Furnace:

Renting a furnace is a straightforward process. A homeowner will sign an agreement and upon the landlord’s approval and a signed contract, a new furnace will be installed immediately at his place and then he pays instalments after each month at a scheduled date. A renter doesn't pay any extra cost besides the fixed monthly payments.

Things to consider before renting a Furnace:

Once you have decided the furnace rental service as the best pick for you, don’t forget to consider the following facts:
ü  The company should be reputed and TSSA-certified with certifications for your region.
ü  Choose a company which offers easy and hassle-free installation and helps you to dispose of the old unit.
ü  Get a complete guideline or assistance regarding the payments, mark up rates and other important factors.

Wrapping up the article:

The final decision regarding purchasing or renting a furnace is up to your preference and budget. For some people, paying thousands of dollars in one-go isn't an option while some people lack a strong credit rating or had a bankruptcy. However, they still get a choice to go for some companies who don’t require excellent credit scoring for granting a loan or renting a commodity.

Despite all benefits, some homeowners still sense renting a furnace as an extra burden due to fewer choices of a Furnace brand, reduced flexibility, and higher overall cost. 

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