Reasons of a leaking Tank Water Heater
A leaking tank can be a lot of trouble. No one likes standing in the washroom all wet and wondering why did the water end so fast. Or coming back home to a leaking ceiling or a wet floor.
There can be multiple reasons behind a leaking water heater tank and different places from where it can leak. 
Some of the places it can leak from are:
- Water heater nipples 
- Water supply lines
- Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
- Drain line
- In the tank
These are some of the very common places which can cause the water to leak and there can be many reasons behind it. 


All Water Heaters have anodes to prevent rusting but over time, the anode can start to fail. As most of the water heaters are made up of steel, they start rusting. You would be easily able to notice this problem as your water will start getting a little dirty due to the rust getting mixed in it. If the anode rod is not replaced, it can make your tank to leak.

Air Pressure
A strong air pressure is built up in your tank when the water coming from the exterior of your home has a strong pressure or the temperature is too high. This is not a very common problem but it can cause your tank to burst up at any time.

Build-up of Sediments

Most of the houses have hard water that comes into the water heaters and the hard water has different minerals dissolved in it. Those minerals start settling at the bottom of the tank and build up a strong layer. This layer then prevents water from heating fast or even heating at all which can eventually lead to a leak or even a burst.


Corrosion is very common and can happen to any kind of tank over time. This causes several small leaks which are then pretty hard to find.

General Wear and Tear

This is very much common and happens when the tanks get old. When a tank finally reaches the age of 9 to 10 years, it can start having leaks at different parts which are very general. You then probably need to replace those water heater tanks to avoid any inconvenience. 

Drain Valve

While people can jump to this conclusion very fast that there is something wrong with the hot water tank, they forget to check just this one place. It is very commonly seen that a loose drain valve might not give you a lot of trouble in the very beginning but it can start leaking a lot of water as the time passes. You just need to check if the drain valve is tightly closed or not, and if even it has some problem, you can easily replace it. 

Have you ever faced a leaking water heater scenario in your Toronto home? If yes, how did you tackle it? 

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