Probably the reason for discomfort that you are lately experiencing in the workplace is not because of the workload but because of the airflow. The bad airflow causes hot and cold spots, compromised HVAC efficiency, odour and noise problems. As a result, the discomfort makes you leave your seat several times to breathe in the fresh air outside. This problem can be fixed by following the below-mentioned ways;

- Ventilation blockage and its impact 

In an uneven indoor temperature, people usually fix the discomfort by opening/closing the supply or vent registers. And like we have explained this before, doing so burdens the systems. If there's a noticeable temperature difference, make sure all supply and return vents are open.

- Ductwork may be old 

There are people concerned about their ductwork and there are some others least concerned about it. And with least concern comes dragging a ductwork for years without maintaining or repairing it. Over time, holes and leaks in ductwork damage it, making it unsuitable for airflow. Using a damaged duct results not only in the cooling/heating loss but also in deteriorating the indoor air quality. So if it's feeling stale and rough, give a check to the ductwork for leaks and holes.

- Condenser Coil cleaning 

The dirty condenser coil makes it difficult for the AC to remove the heat from the system which results in burdening it. The system should be thoroughly cleaned before bringing it in use. People living in more polluted areas should consider cleaning the coil more often as the soot and dust etc makes a thick layer over the unit. Since a dirty condenser coil affects efficiency, make sure to check it when the system does not perform well.

- Refrigerant might be leaking 

One of the reasons for a compromised comfort could be a leaking refrigerant. A system with a leaking refrigerant does not cool the indoor properly. Or takes very long to cool.

- Damaged fan 

It is the fan that blows air into the rooms via the duct. When a damaged fan motor is not efficiently working or the fan is covered with dust and debris, the overall operation will be compromised resulting in compromising the airflow.

- Thermostat issues 

The thermostat could be the primary problem behind an improper air flow. If the Thermostat is installed at a wrong location, has old batteries or is programmed improperly, the system will create a compromised airflow as a result. 

- Sizing matters 

One of the primary factors behind improper air flow is the size of the system. An overly big system trips frequently which causes a high humidity in the indoor while a smaller than needed system takes longer to cool the indoor and trips after so long that the system gets burdened. If an airflow problem is experienced, it is probable that it is because of the wrong size.

Have you been facing airflow problems in the workplace? Does your air flow feel stale and stuffy? Then look for the above-mentioned reasons.

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