So there are many homeowners that are making use of energy as if the power grid station is owned by their dad or the gas supply company has a share with their mom, and they won't therefore, receive any bills for the consumption they make. While every other person is complaining about the soaring energy bills as equally in winters as in summers, there are only a few who critically analyse their own practices and routines to realise that it is their own wrong ways and bad habits that are causing obesity to their energy bills. This blog is to help highlight that 5 major bad habits that actually suck your energy and as a result, bring those energy bills that leave you in shock. Let's begin; 

- Bad Habit#1 As if it's all yours

As said already, a lot of people make use of energy as if there's no tomorrow or as if they'll never have to pay for what they are consuming. On factual grounds, the more you consume, the more you'll have to pay and the more damage you'll cause to Earth as well. Did you know that heating and cooling combined, consume 67% of the total residential energy consumption? Keeping yourself in limits will not only keep you comfortable but will also reduce your energy bills. Set the Thermostat at the recommended settings. What sense does it make to shiver in the extremely hot weather and feel hot when there's snowfall outside?
Don't use your heating and cooling appliances constantly and don't use them at higher settings.

- Bad Habit#2 Unnecessary use of lights

The sun is there for a whole lot of time and sufficient light comes through the windows and doors not leaving any need to turn the lights on at daytime. But hey! You still keep all the lights on. And doing so consumes lots of energy annually even if you are using energy saver lights. Make the most of natural light and turn your lights on only when the natural light goes off.

- Bad Habit#3 Not turning the computer and TV off

How much time does it take to turn off the computer or TV? A second or let's say a maximum of 30 seconds for the computer. And yet, it is a common habit of leaving computers and tv's on as we go to have lunch, to have a bath or just for a nap. Once again, this habit on a daily basis if multiplied by the monthly and yearly consumption turn out to be extremely energy consuming, in fact, energy-wasting habit. Turn your TV's and computers off as you take breaks. Give them a break too.

- Bad Habit#4 Everything's always plugged in

All the home appliances and devices that you plug in and never plug out in total can take as much as 11% of energy. The mobile phones that are put on charging, the computers and playstation, toasters and all other household devices and appliances keep consuming energy as long as they're plugged even if they are not used. Change the habit of always plugged in to plug off. After all, how much time does it take to plug off? This time, it's certainly not more than a second.  

- Bad Habit#5 Unnecessarily using washing appliances

Whether it's a dishwasher or a washing machine, some people are in a habit to do a few rounds every day whether or not they have enough to wash. Using a washing machine to wash a few socks or trousers is a complete waste of energy. Similarly, turning your dishwasher on with a few plates and spoons makes no sense. Change this habit and use your washing appliances only when you have a sufficient stock to clean.

So how many of these bad habits have you been in? It's time to change for good, change for saving.

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