While it is a common perception that Tankless Water Heaters are much more efficient than Storage Tank Water Heaters and that the storage tank units can help save only negligibly even when used efficiently, the truth is; even the tankless water heaters can bring you hefty bills and even the storage tank water heaters can help save a great deal only if; the right methods and techniques are used. Although there is a wide majority who is shifting towards the tankless units, there are still thousands of Toronto and GTA homeowners whose most favourite and most suitable water heating solution is the Storage tank Water Heater. This blog, therefore, is meant to help all those homeowners who wish to save on energy bills with having their storage tank buddies at home.

Before we begin, here's a piece of important information for you. Did you know that water heating accounts for the second largest heating expense? 18% of the energy bills come as a result of energy used for water heating. Trying to make changes in this 18% can help save a great deal annually.

Smart ways to save with Tank Water Heater

Insulation of appliance

Did you know that only the insulation of the heating unit and the pipes can make a significant reduction in energy bills? Cover the heater tank and the hot water pipes with a quality insulation material; foam etc. However, be careful to not cover the vents, the burner area, the thermostat or the bottom of the water heater.

Shift from electric to gas 

How much an appliance is costing you depends also on the type of fuel you are using to run it. Since electricity is usually costlier than gas, consider the option of fuel conversion to save in long run. Convert from electric to natural gas and you will find the difference in energy bills.

Low flow fixtures 

The higher the flow of faucets and showers, the more hot water will be used and the more your heater will have to work. Install low-flow plumbing fixtures, showerheads and faucets. This might seem like a thing that won't make a difference, it will. The use of every single day multiplied by 365 days surely makes a difference.

Upgrade dishwasher/cloth washer 

An outdated dishwasher/cloth washer consumes more water. Upgrading them would be a one-time investment that will reduce the energy bills for a long run.

Draining the tank 

In storage tank water heaters, sediments accumulate over time which contributes to lengthening the water heating duration. Drain the tank at least once a year to remove those sediments.

Check water leaks 

It is important to keep a check on water leaks. Did you know that one drip of water per second will waste 1,600 gallons of water a year? It is, therefore, important to fix the water leaks be they from the water pipes of the water heater tank.

Reduce the temperature 

The more the temperature is reduced, the more the savings will be. Shifting from the typical temperature of 140 degrees to a more efficient temperature of 120 degrees promises a 3%-5% decrease in energy bills for lowering every 10 degrees.

On the last note, it is recommended to upgrade your system to a more efficient system if your current system is outdated and has already completed its lifespan. Consult an HVAC professional and go for a replacement. Efficient systems can help reduce energy bills 15%-20%. 
Act smarter - save more! 

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