Constant snow falling and temperature falling below -20, it isn’t easy to survive the chilling cold weather of Canada dudes! With piles of snow, roads and streets blocked and extremely cold blows of air, it needs both careful practices and careful strategies to enjoy the weather without getting hurt by it. Else, the very same weather of beautiful white snow and tantalizing fireplace crackles becomes the weather of deadly dangers. So, here we present to you tips that can help survive as well as enjoy the Canadian winter. Let’s begin;

Keep yourself updated:

With the weather making unsteady changes, it is important for you to keep yourself updated with the weather forecasts and updates. And it is easier than before to keep one’s self updated with the gadgets that we have with us all the time. So before you head out for skating, a chairlift ride or just a winter long drive, make sure you aren’t heading towards a warning sign weather.

Be very conscious of proper clothing and food:

Do it or not in any other season but never underestimate the power of protection that the clothes provide. Cover yourself with as many layers as possible but also, be sure your bodily movement doesn’t get adversely affected by layers of clothes as this itself can become a source of harm. Prefer wool or polyester fleece winter wears.
And yes, let’s talk about foot wears now. Wearing the wrong footwear would mean you will be losing a great part of warmth through your feet. Use thick sole shoes and when you are out on snow; make sure your shoes can stand the slipperiness of snow.

Here’s a quick note on food and drinks:

Warm drinks will help you maintain body heat but that does not include; caffeinated drinks and alcohol as it accelerates the loss of bodily heat.

Combat cold in crisis:

And there are probabilities that you will be in a cold combating situation some time if not today as long as you live in a climate like Canada. So what to do when such a crisis occurs?

Well, mainly the situations that take place are;
* Hypothermia
* Frostbite

Frostbite is a very serious condition and it can take place with as little as 30 seconds exposure to extreme cold. The affected area gets grey, pale or waxy. In such a situation, DO NOT RUB the skin to make it warm and also DO NOT expose it to direct heat. Use the bodily heat to warm the affected area without rubbing it. Or just place a warm object at the affected area in order to conduct some heat. This is what you can do as first aid steps. Don’t forget rushing to the hospital for further treatment.

Hypothermia is another emergency situation caused by cold weather. It takes place when the body begins to lose heat faster and is slower at generating heat. This result in an extremely low body temperature which then results in;
* Shivering 
* Numbness 
* Mumbling
* Confusion

When hypothermia takes place, try to gradually retain the body’s heat and remove wet clothing if there’s any.

When you are travelling with children and elderly people, keep a careful eye on them as they are more supposed to suffer from hypothermia. Just a bit of careful approach and you can stand the deadly winter of Canada. And can enjoy it as well.
Have a safe and joyful winter!

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