HVAC choices are among the most important choices that you make for your home. And that is because one thing that you aspire for your home is comfort which is impossible in these times of harsh climates without using relevant and efficient HVAC appliances. Although Furnaces and Fireplaces are the most used heating elements, there are several reasons that make Space Heaters a wise choice both as a primary heating system and as a standby heating system. This blog is dedicated to learning about Space Heaters, their types, features and when it is best for you to purchase a Space Heater. 

Types and Kinds

- Radiant Space Heaters

As the name suggests, Radiant Space Heaters warm by radiating heat around them. They are a wonderful as well as an economical choice for smaller spaces

- Radiator Space Heaters

This type of heaters are filled with oil which is warmed by electricity. Efficiency is promising since oil is good at retaining heat

- Convection Space Heaters

They heat the indoor air and create lasting warmth. Such heaters are ideal for large spaces (not very large though)

- Gas Space Heaters

If you are looking for a fast and powerful space heater, Gas heaters are what can suffice for your need the best. Also, they are inexpensive while the operating cost is also less. One care, however, regarding these heaters is that they should be used in screened patios or well-ventilated areas since they pose a carbon monoxide threat

What features to look for?

You should not only look for a device that warms, instead look for a device that efficiently warms. Look for the following features when purchasing a Space Heater;

- Hunt for automatic turn off temperature. There are models available in the market that shut off automatically when they reach an unsafe temperature. This can save you from great havoc

- If you've children or pets at home, look for a unit that has a cold to touch surface or a guard around the heating part in order to provide safety from burns

- Heaters that run at a single temperature can bring fatty energy bills. If your budget allows, look for a multiple heat setting unit. This will require a little more investment but will indeed save in long run

- If you're too used to using remotes or are too lazy to get off your warm bed, don't put on hold the feature of the remote control. There are remote control space heaters available now. Control from anywhere in the room

Important factors to consider when buying Space Heaters

- Keep this formula in mind. Electric units are suitable for the indoors and gas units for outdoors. As mentioned above, gas space heaters pose serious risk of CO poisoning and are relatively risky so better use them in open spaces

- If you're a person who gets annoyed by appliance operational noises, search for noise-free units. Bedroom and office use space heaters have limited to no noise

- Consider energy efficiency as an important factor. Compare the efficiency ratings of different units of different brands and try to choose the most energy-efficient unit that comes in your range

- Last but not the least; Not all Space Heaters are meant to be portable. If you think you would be dragging your heater here and there, tell your retailer this requirement so that he shows you those units that are designed to be portable. Who can drag heavy heaters in so cold weather?

If you have something else to share regarding space heaters, go on! We would encourage your contribution.

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