You certainly don't want your kids to go out in the pursuit of enjoyment and come back with a fever and other seasonal illnesses. But you can't stop them for long unless you have some interesting activities to keep them busy. So until the weather outside gets suitable enough to be enjoyed without any fears, here are the activities that you can serve your children with. Remember, children love to do new things and the ones they can take part in. When they find enough excitement in the indoors, they won't insist on rolling on the ice sheet outside.

Activity# 1 - Cook some cookies
Be it girls or boys, baking does have something that fascinates all. So gather together the little ones and bake cookies, muffins or any other eatable that they like. With special reference to Winters, kids like to eat snowman cookies particularly when they are denied the activity of playing with it in the outdoors.

Activity# 2 - Watch a Winter themed movie together
Sitting in warm blankets, eating popcorns and sipping hot cocoa, another activity that the kids would enjoy particularly in the evening or night time is watching a movie that too of a Winter theme. Some quick recommendations are hereunder;
- Happy Feet
- Eight Below
- Snow Dogs
- Mr Popper's Penguins
Activity# 3 - Make a snowman
No! Not from snow. Make it from pillows. Gather pillows with plain white covers and pile them one over the other. Use mufflers and caps to decorate this pillow snowman and if the facelessness of the snowman irritates you, use buttons and laces to bring him a beautiful face.

Activity# 4 Indoor Snowball Fight
It's isn't entirely pleasurable when there's a snowman but no snowball fight. Just like you have made an effort to create this indoor snowman, make a little more effort to please and involve your kids. Roll some furry clothes and make balls of them. Then allow your kids to enjoy this indoor snowball fight.

Activity# 5 Introduce children to the deceased family members and values of the family
One of the most insightful and interesting activities is spending time with children and making them aware of the family roots and values. This is a great way with which you would be able to do their grooming while also be able to keep them engaged. Bring out your family album and introduce the little ones to those that have passed or live far away and also to the family values that were once there.

Activity# 6 Start Scrapbooking  
Once you have fascinated children with the old photographs, you can give them another idea and that is of making their own scrapbook. You can help them compile old and new photographs and design them to make a beautiful hard copy of the memories that their children will be able to rejoice when it is their Winter time in the indoors.

Activity# 7 Redecorate home
Here's something that will not only keep you and your children warm but will also keep you busy in exciting and productive activity. Redecorate home or kid's room according to their own likes and dislikes. They will come up with unique ideas and will enjoy this indoor activity more than enough when the outcome will fascinate them.

What other ways do you use to keep your kids busy in the indoors in Winter?

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