Summer brings lots of joys; the joy of outing with friends to celebrating barbeque nights and going to the beach during vacations etc. But Summer does also bring some other things along that could be seriously sickening at times if care is not taken. One such dark Summer aspects is; Heat Exhaustion. While Winters of Canada are severe to bear, the same is true for the Summers of this North American region. The temperature rises and crosses 35-40 C at peak Summer. Such intense heat often causes Heat Exhaustion. While a temperature of your own choice can be created in the indoors, care needs to be taken for the time spent in the outdoors in order to protect yourself from the annoyance of that giant star; Sun. This Q&A blog will help you learn about Heat Exhaustion, its symptoms, causes, preventions and cures. Let's begin.

Heat Exhaustion

Q: What is Heat Exhaustion?
A: While there are relatively fewer people that suffer from Heat Stroke, a majority does go through the phase of Heat Exhaustion in hot Summer. The difference between the Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion is that Heat Exhaustion is an earlier stage of Heat Stroke and relatively less severe than Heat Stroke. Heat Exhaustion occurs when the body begins to lose its fluids and salts as a consequence of longer exposure to heat and Sunlight.

Q: What causes Heat Exhaustion?
A: As said above, Heat Exhaustion is caused by long exposure to high temperatures without providing the body with the necessary liquids and minerals. The cooling mechanism of the body is by producing sweat. When the body begins to run short of liquids by continuous sweating, and no evaporation of sweat, exhaustion occurs.

Q: What are the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion?
A: Compared with Heat Stroke, the Heat Exhaustion symptoms are different. Know about both.
Heat Stroke Symptoms are as follows:
- Body Temperature rises up to 104 F
- Heart Beat increases
- Loss of consciousness occurs
- Body gets hot, red or dry

On the other hand, Heat Exhaustion symptoms are as follows:
- Weakness
- Heavy Sweating
- Nausea
- Fainting
- Pale skin
- Dehydration
- Reduced Blood Pressure
- Headache

Q: How to prevent Heat Exhaustion?
A: Just take a bit of care and you'll be able to enjoy Summer without having to go through such health risking experiences:  
- Wear loose and light coloured dresses that absorb less heat
- Use caps and umbrellas in order to have lesser exposure to Sun
- Use Sunblocks to protect skin
- Drink as much water and juices as you can.
- Strictly avoid fluids with caffeine and alcohol since they lose body fluids and worsen the heat exhaustion.

Q: How to cure the condition of Heat Exhaustion?
A: As explained above that Heat Exhaustion is caused when the body begins to lose essential fluids and salts, it is important to quickly unplug the causes causing Heat Exhaustion.
- Move to a shady place
- Drink lots of water and juices
- Take off any excessive clothing  
- Cool your body by taking a bath, using a wet towel or by sitting under a fan

Bottom Line
Heat Exhaustion although less severe than Heat Stroke is yet a serious health problem that if not tackled in time may lead to Heat Stroke. A large number of people lose their lives due to Heat Exhaustion every year merely by not taking it seriously. While it is true that every season has its own flavour, it needs to be understood that every season demands some careful approaches too and only then it offers the complete package of seasonal joy.

Take care of yourself during hot Summer and avoid Heat Exhaustion. Take prompt action if you or somebody else face Heat Exhaustion. We've told you what to do.

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