There are numerous benefits that Air Conditioner maintenance offers, the most important of which are:
- Regular maintenance improves appliance's lifetime which saves you an early appliance replacement cost
- Maintenance keeps the appliance functioning with optimal efficiency. This helps cut on energy bills
- A major benefit that regular maintenance offers is that it prevents the appliance from serious repairs. Issues are diagnosed in time with regular maintenance which saves the appliance from the possibility of sudden breakdown

AC Maintenance

While being HVAC professionals, our responsibility is to suggest homeowners with the best of HVAC solutions, our suggestion regarding maintenance is; always choose a professional for maintenance, at least for annual maintenance. There are several homeowners that choose to perform DIY maintenance which is although possible but also keeps the appliances under the risk of damage. For risk-free maintenance, professional annual maintenance is always recommended by all HVAC professionals. However, there are several maintenance tasks that can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis by the homeowners themselves. These maintenance tasks include;
- Cleaning of units
- Cleaning of Filters
- Cleaning of registers and vents
- Cleaning of duct

DIY1: Cleaning of Units

In the case of Central Air Conditioners, the primary component that requires cleaning is the outdoor condenser/heat pump. Keep it in mind that the outdoor units of Central, as well as Split Air Conditioners, require an enough space around them in order to function properly. So while doing the cleaning, do not just ward off the dust and debris from the unit, also consider cutting the grass and other shrubs that might have grown around the unit. Using a hose for cleaning is recommended, however, care needs to be taken with keeping the pressure of the water. An excessively high pressure can damage the fan and interior of the unit.

DIY2: Cleaning of Filters  

Filter Cleaning can be performed by homeowners themselves. There are several factors that affect the frequency of filter changing. Shortly, the type of filter and the quality of indoor air matters the most. Filters should nonetheless be changed from 30-60 days. A simple way of making sure when your Filters requires cleaning/changing is simply by inspecting them. Your own senses will notify you that the Filters now need to be replaced/changed when they'll change the colours and become grey or dark grey.

DIY3: Cleaning register and vents

Dirt and debris do not only stick to the air filters. As the air circulates, the dust and debris get stuck to the vents and registers as well. And the continuous circulation of air takes these air pollutants along with it which then affects the indoor air quality. So as part of regular maintenance, the registers and vents need to be cleaned which can be done either using a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.  

DIY4: Cleaning of ducts

So dust could be at the registers, vents and at the air filters. Where else can the dust stick and become a reason of contaminating the indoor air? It is the ductwork. Dirty ducts do not only affect the quality of indoor air, they also pose massive health risks. While you'd call a professional after a year or may be never unless a repair need arises, consider performing duct cleaning by utilising a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is vacuuming the duct, however, make sure the dust is not pushed out of the ductwork. That will create a mess in the entire home which is something you certainly do not want.


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