The difference between Duct and Split Air Conditioner
Duct Air Conditioners use passages or ducts that are used for delivering ventilation, heating and/or cooling. The system of the duct, also called ductwork is spread out to every room in your home. The conditioned air that comes through a heat pump is taken to every room and this gives whole home heating/cooling. Basically, the idea of Duct Air Conditioner is what we commonly know as Central Heating/Cooling. One unit suffices for the entire home.

Contrary to Duct Air Conditioners, the Ductless Air Conditioners also called Split Air Conditioners require no ducts. As understood by the name, Split Air Conditioner is split in different rooms connected with one or more condenser units. This type of Air Conditioners are actually quite big and are visible on the wall while operating with a portable remote control for changing temperature settings. Not the entire but only a specific zone/zones can be conditioned using them.


The advantages of Duct Air Conditioner

The biggest advantage of Duct Air Conditioner is that you can move about freely in your home on a typical harsh sunny day of June. Since you have the ducts installed in every room, the flow of coolness is even in your home and it’s easier for you to do your tasks with no freaky noise as that of a split air conditioner. This system will let you work in peace.

The Disadvantage of Duct Air Conditioner

The biggest disadvantage would be the heavy price it drags along with itself. Not only the initial investment is much more than what is required for Ductless AC but also the maintenance keeps your vault overloaded. But then again, it is all worth it if you’ve a large home and want to have a whole home cooling.
Also, some homes may not provide much space for this system since a proper ductwork is required so even if you are looking forward to installing it, it may not be a suitable choice for your home because of inadequate space.

The advantages of Split Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner can be installed by your will in any room you want. It is the best choice for small houses with not much space to install the ducted system. Comparatively, it is cheaper, hence it is the most used home cooling method used by GTA homeowners. In addition to being cheaper, around 30% of the heat loss can be avoided by using a Split system.

The disadvantages of Split Air Conditioner

The disadvantages of Ductless Air Conditioners is that they are not suitable for larger homes and require several units for separate rooms. Also, since they have to be mounted on the wall, people concerned about their interior may not be okay with Split Air Conditioners.

Bottom Line

Everything has its own pros and cons. Both Duct and Ductless systems have some shortcomings and the suitability depends on one’s own requirements, budget and the type of home where the device has to be installed. It is, therefore, suggested to consult professional HVAC contractor before purchasing a new system.

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