So, did you receive that call? From an HVAC service provider, suggesting to convert your home comfort Heating system from oil to gas? If you haven't received such a call, you might have seen a similar advertisement somewhere or have this told by your own HVAC service provider. Whatever the case is; the question is, is it safe, economical and beneficial to change your Furnace from oil to gas? Will it cost too much to do so? Will the conversion help in saving on energy bills? Will it be safe enough to not alter the Furnace's efficiency? All these questions must be on your mind if you've either been suggested a conversion or are already planning for it. Below are the reasons why should you convert your system from oil to gas and how it can help in savings.
Converting Furnace from oil to gas

Improved Efficiency
There was a time when Furnaces were on fuel. With an advancement in technology, new means were discovered and Furnace's efficiency was discovered to have improved when run on gas compared with when it was run on oil. Eventually, Gas Furnaces became more popular. But since the availability of gas everywhere is not possible, even today Furnaces are designed to be suitable for both gas and oil. Now that there's choice, you should convert yours from oil to gas if you have gas availability in your areas in order to increase the efficiency. Oil Furnaces are always less efficient. Gas Furnaces compared with Oil Furnaces are much more efficient and are, therefore, best to save the energy cost. If you're tired of the fatty bills and still running your Furnace on oil, better convert it to gas now.

Monthly and yearly savings
If one straight reason for conversion is to be told, it is; Savings! Worldwide, the prices of oil have increased in the recent years and gas has become cheaper than it was. It sounds insane to remain stuck to oil even when an alternative can be opted. The advantage of conversion, on the first place, is the very cost of gas which is cheaper so there are monthly savings. In addition, using energy-efficient appliances can help save hundred of dollars on a yearly basis. A good reason to go with gas.

Longer Lifetime
If you're looking forward to making your Furnace live longer without needing to have often repairs, a conversion from oil is gas is once again a good idea. It has been observed that oil Furnaces have a relatively shorter lifetime compared with Gas Furnaces. The primary reason is that most oil Furnaces are old models. Manufacturers are now preferring Gas Furnaces more with improved efficiency. Since the Oil Furnaces have lesser efficiency, they also tend to last shorter than the gas furnaces.

Bottom Line
Due to the cheaper gas prices while higher oil prices, better efficiency of Gas Furnaces and longer life of them, we prefer conversion of Furnaces from oil to gas. This is a choice that will lead to a long-term saving and better home comfort. So, a big ‘’Yes’’ to your question of ‘’Should I convert my Furnace to Gas?’’

We offer Oil to Gas, Electric to Gas and Propane to Gas conversion services throughout GTA. If you’re looking forward to conversion, we can help you just like we’ve helped several other GTA homeowners. Give us a call:: 416-907-5756

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